Party leaders at NOS Jeugdjournaal: laughed and cheated, but above all guaranteed

Party leaders at NOS Jeugdjournaal: laughed and cheated, but above all guaranteed

In the audition that followed, the two were together on a team, and they were just friends again. They didn’t win it, because the duo Marijnissen-Rutte turns out to know more about topics like Billie Eilish, Th times (Batik) and baby panda (or actually turns out to be better at cheating).

Then we turn to more serious costs: Parents who work at Chemelot, the farmer’s daughter who fears for her parents’ company, and a question for D66 Kaag leader. “How do you deal with hate, on social media, etc.?” What I’m doing is not looking, not reading. And I don’t care. People who hate are actually pathetic. “


Then the final part of the broadcast. The announcer said, “You all have to deal with it, with hatred and criticism.” “So it’s time for something sweet, you should all be prepared for it.” It turns out all the six party leaders have a golden envelope under the seat, which has a compliment from the classroom in the hall.

In short: Roti is positive, Kage is a tough woman, Van Wilders is smart at keeping up with it despite all the safety, Hoekstra looks smart and enthusiastic, Marijnissen looks good and strong, and Klaver can cook well (it can be seen on TikTok) curling hair isn’t bad either.

A rota animal? Turns out, that was a German shepherd. An answer that led to confusion, because the questioner had expected otherwise. “A dog or something like that.”

What animal would you like to be for a day? Do you have friends in politics? The children questioned the party leaders of the six largest parties.

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