Pachinko S01E01-02: handsome cross section | De Lagarde

Pachinko S01E01-02: handsome cross section |  De Lagarde

in this book pachinko (2017) Novelist Min Jin Lee shares the illustrious history of this Asian country through the eyes of four generations of a South Korean family. The story spans a long time, roughly from 1915 to 1990. Screenwriter Hugh Soo (whispers, 2015) to turn this bestselling book into a miniseries: it’s indeed an ambitious project. However, in the first two episodes, she showed her undeniable talent, among other things by allowing scenes from the beginning and end of the last century to seamlessly flow into each other – through beautiful transitions.

pachinko In this respect – and this is the visual power of television – it also presents a very interesting picture of pre-industrial South Korea and the more modern world of the 1980s. This contrast is emphasized by the use of earthy colors in earlier periods, and cooler scenery in later periods. Perhaps because humanity and small size gave way to machines and greed.

However it works pachinko To Sunja (Youn Yuh-jung) and Baek Mosazu (Soji Araji). Senja Sees Daylight In 1915, Musazu is born later in history as Senja’s grandson. The story begins in Japan occupied South Korea, where Sonja’s mother runs a boarding house. These are difficult times and the young Korean sees sadly how the Japanese occupier rules with a heavy hand. But, on the day Sonja is born, some kind of shaman already predicts that she will “adjust” in life. This turns out to be the case, judging by Musazu’s future concerns.

Musazu is a successful investor in Wall Street, studied at prestigious American universities, and is looking for a Ph.D. pachinko He constantly switches between these two turns, from concrete giants like Tokyo – where Musazu travels on business – to the swaying grain fields of South Korea. In that sense, Hugh thinks of exactly how awesome the transformation will be.

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And what does the title indicate? Musazu’s father has run the pachinko company for years: pachinko is a type of pinball game that is very popular in Japan. Koreans often run such institutions. For example, the Musazu family ended up in Japan from Korea, before he himself left for the United States with the North Sun. pachinko In this sense it also shows how the Japanese occupation has had an impact for generations. So the TV drama, just like the book, looks like a great cross-section of the country and its people. Sue’s ambitions are not very ambitious in this sense: pachinko It’s an unforgettable TV.

Pachinko, weekly on Apple TV + starting March 25, 2022, first three episodes (out of eight)

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