Outgoing Cabinet and Complex Composition Lead to ‘Light’ Budget Day

Outgoing Cabinet and Complex Composition Lead to 'Light' Budget Day

Budget Day documents have been drawn up in recent months by the current alliance between VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie. Thus, these four parties also endorse the budget. But slowing down in shaping with substandard correlations immediately makes the document less valuable.

For example, last week, ChristenUnie (particularly in the name of the coalition) made a proposal with the private provider to structurally increase Medicare pay (and thus have to raise the dividend tax to fund it). ChristenUnie believes they are free to do so, because nothing is included in the budget about salaries for health care workers.

rejected block

The idea was that VVD leader Hermanns would consult with the other centrist parties this week, also on behalf of formation partners D66 and CDA, about possible budget adjustments.

“The budget is less objective than if there was a missionary government,” outgoing Prime Minister Rutte said after the last formation at the weekend. And you want to see how in 2022 as many of the necessary things as possible can happen.”

But the two central parties GroenLinks and PvdA – which were rejected as a bloc in the formation – are not keen on negotiating the budget with the parties that are still forming. If there are negotiations, they should be around the cabinet (with PvdA and GroenLinks in it).

Moreover, the two parties estimate that they can get more results regarding the budget adjustment through political repercussions, the main debate on the budget note. Especially now that ChristenUnie feels free enough to spend extra money on top of the conventions.

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By the way, no significant steps were taken in the direction of forming the new government during the weekend at the site. The topic was mainly about the events in the political arena last week and their repercussions on relations, and the content was hardly discussed.

Therefore, the major issues will remain pending for the time being.

This is what Prinsjesdag looked like in 2020:

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