Other Times at Streekmuseum Jan Anderson.

Vlardingen 28.10.2021 Other Times at Streekmuseum Jan Anderson is about street life from 1940 to 1960.

The streets have not since been populated by parked cars. so what…?

Therefore, a vegetable seller with a horse and a cart, the housewife who was almost always at home, could tell which vegetables should be on the table in the evening. Moreover, one of the about 50 milk farmers, handed over a carton of butter or a bottle of milk as well as a “glass” of milk.

Regional Museum of the collection of photos

Plus a group of bakers who were only allowed to sell bread at the door after ten in the morning. This was the law. If there is a party and you need cookies, they are supposed to be ordered the day before. There was a lot of milk and two different bread deliveries because everyone bought from his followers in the religion, there were Protestants and reformers, if one was a socialist, he took bread from “forward”. The lorrenboer, peeler, fishmonger and sometimes supplier of Beijerland strawberries were also at the door.

When I left the schools at four in the morning, the streets were full of children playing. And they played balls, and they jumped a goat, and they jumped and they played soccer. When the father came home at half past five, the children were called and the hot meal was put on the table. All this can be admired in the film “Anderetijden” shown at the Streekmuseum. At the same time, the exhibition “Saving is Vergaren” on the history of saving in Vlardingen is being shown.

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The brochure from the ‘Van’ t Oft to ‘t Oofd’ Series Part 59 is also available for sale in color for only €3.50.

Streekmuseum Jan Anderson is open every Saturday afternoon on the first Sunday of the month from 2pm-4pm.

Kethelweg 50, 3135 GM Välardingen.

free access.

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