Ophef over Voguecover Kamala Harris – Wel.nl

Ophef over Voguecover Kamala Harris - Wel.nl

The cover of the latest issue of US Vogue features Kamala Harris, the upcoming US Vice President. But according to Huffington Post journalist Yashar Ali, subscribers get a magazine that’s sent home with a “wrong” cover. According to him, the Harris Team had entered into agreements with Vogue on the final cover photo, but Anna Wintour eventually decided to publish a different photo without informing Harris. This is not common.

According to Ali, Harris and Wintour’s team agreed on the final photo, which shows Harris in a soft blue suit with a soft yellow / orange background. But in the photo ending on the cover of the physical magazine, Harris is dressed in a black suit with the All Stars. The background resembles the picture “High School Prom Night”. Ali says it is unacceptable for Vogue to publish the photo without Harris’ knowledge. And according to him, the incoming vice president’s team was an unpleasant surprise.

Vogue was later replied via a statement. “We chose this image for the print cover, not for the online cover, because we believe Vice President Harris is presented so well that way. Specifically because it looks very accessible and original, it is one of the pioneers of the Biden / Harris government. We salute both covers and not.” We distinguish. To us, it is equally powerful in both images. “

Yassar’s tweets continued to lead to angry reactions from the Voggers. According to them, Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour in particular “does not know anything about black women.” I have been criticized before for the lack of diversity on the editorial board of Vogue. According to informed sources, “It will only consist of very thin white women, who come from a good home and have many relationships through their families.”

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