One Night in Miami… review – a head start

One Night in Miami… review - a head start

The story behind One night in Miami …She often appears when it comes to soon-to-be big movie awards, once she starts out with a play of the same title. This is clearly visible, since most of the film consists of conversations between people in a room, without much dynamism in the traditional sense. Fortunately, there is a lot of enthusiasm and passion in the discussions.

Four heroes

The cause of these events was a boxing match on February 25, 1964, in which Cassius Clay (Eli Gauri) became world champion. To celebrate, he invited Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben Adair), the primary advocate for equal rights for black Americans at the time, to his hotel room with two other friends. These are soul singer Sam Cook (Leslie Odom Jr.), known among others Hamilton at you send to meAnd American football player Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge), who later became an actor and appeared in, among others, Running man at Mars attacks!.

Name and surname

This company represents the most famous black American of the 1960s: Clay, in particular, who later converted to Islam and became Muhammad Ali from that moment on, who became a true legend. Their name and surname is an important topic of conversation. Because what does that mean in light of the civil rights movement: the struggle of blacks on the front lines to be treated as full citizens of a racist United States?

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the message

The four men have a nice cross section of opinions. Many of them are not yet sure what to do with their popularity as black Americans: their stellar status is still relatively new to folks of color, so they are looking to find how to use it for a better life for their struggling mates. Malcolm X knows: They all need to spread the word in everything they do. But this is easier said than done.

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Squeeze your stomach

The most striking emotions that appear in One night in Miami … How successful are men due to the color of their skin. Does the applause of fans of all colors mean that the whites below see them equal, too? Some scenes give an agonizing answer: especially the scene in which Brown returns to an old acquaintance in his hometown and hits an unexpected blow to the stomach.


Actress Regina King (recently appeared in GuardsMakes her feature film appearances as a director with this film and what she shows particularly impressive. What could easily end in each constant comes in completely different ways, although the majority of the scenes are made up of people talking. Where possible, it searches for space and takes away the theater feel as much of the film as possible. But the best part is just how strong the complaint is without obvious scenes. Nothing at the expense of films depicting hate, humiliation and pain are very difficult except One night in Miami … It makes all of this tangible with the least amount of means.

One night in Miami … It can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

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