One in ten people with payment problems relapse quickly | money

One in ten people with payment problems relapse quickly |  money

Within six months of resolving the financial problem, 6.8% will experience problems again, according to the BKR’s annual debt watch. After one year this is 9.1% and after five years 13%, or about one in eight. The vast majority, 87%, have learned their lesson and will never have financial problems again.

Thanks to negative BKR registrations, it is very difficult and also expensive for people who have had trouble paying to obtain new credit, such as a mortgage or car rental contract, in the following five years.

Payment problems

Recorded payment problems are, for example, arrears on a current loan, making repayment arrangements, claiming the loan or the remainder of it, writing off €250 or more, or making a debt settlement.

In 2021, the number of registered payment issues decreased. The number of people in arrears on mortgage payments decreased by 17.5% in 2021. The number of people with debt settlement also decreased.

The more loans a person takes, the greater the chance of problems, according to the annual overview. With one credit, that chance is 0.6%. Anyone with four credits has a 2.25% chance of getting into trouble and with five decades the chance is close to 3%.

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