One in six Dutch people experience discrimination at work

One in six Dutch people experience discrimination at work

This mainly relates to receiving negative comments or about unequal treatment. Another 12 percent know someone who has experienced discrimination or watched it happen to their peers.

No report

Often no incident is reported or action taken. It happened in nearly 40 percent of cases in the past year, says business director Sharita Poon of DPG Recruitment, of which the National Holiday Bank is part.

“In about one in three cases where there was discrimination, it was the colleague who took action,” she says. “Management also plays a key role in this.” “They are responsible for a work environment in which providing feedback is normal, and appropriate action is taken when necessary.”


Among respondents, 17% believe that discrimination in the workplace will decrease in the coming years. “This is concerning, especially at a time when more and more taboos are being broken and the ‘culture of silence’ is collapsing,” Boone says.

The National Vacation Bank also reports that one in five employees feels unsafe in the workplace. This percentage is higher among women and employees with immigrant backgrounds.

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