On this day Drive to Survive 4 will be online on Netflix

On this day Drive to Survive 4 will be online on Netflix

Netflix is ​​already ready for the fourth season of Drive to Survive, the documentary about the world of Formula 1. Max Verstappen isn’t a fan of the series, but presumably he couldn’t escape the cameras in the year he became Formula One world champion.

Drive to Survive made F1 more famous around the world, especially in the US, where the “royal motorsports class” had a lot to gain.

And if you wanted to unleash a camera crew on the Formula One circuits in a particular season, definitely in 2021. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fought epic battles.

When will Drive to Survive 4 be online on Netflix?

Netflix puts Drive to Survive Season 4 online on Friday March 11

Max Verstappen
Max was just caught by Netflix cameras, but he decided not to interview the crew. “So they can’t use anything wrong,” he explained. “I don’t like those dramas. I want to see the facts and the real things.”

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