Omroep Flevoland – News – Ferry service angry at Floriade and taking legal action

Omroep Flevoland - News - Ferry service angry at Floriade and taking legal action

Almir Rundvarten, the ferry service responsible for the line between Esplanade and Floriade, is furious with Floriade. The company writes this in a letter to the municipality.

The event receives much fewer visitors than planned and the costs are high. To keep bringing people to Floriade, you can now go to the park for 15 euros and use the car park or public transport for free. The ferry service does not participate in this plan, and therefore it loses a lot of people.

For Kevin Van Drampt of Almer Rundvarten, the last plan is the last straw: “If someone can go to Floriade for free and our boat costs money, no one will use our ferry service anymore. And that’s while we have six ships permanently. Available for ferry service.

To meet the demand from Floriade, Kevin purchased several new vessels and converted them to electric propulsion. These costs to the company itself.

“no thing”
According to Van Drumpt, Floriade has failed to meet the agreements on several occasions: “The ferry service will be included in the national marketing campaign and will also be visible on the site. I haven’t seen anything about either.”

According to Van Drumpt, there was also poor communication about the event and which passengers to bring to Floriade. “A few weeks after signing the contract, I had to read in the newspaper that the mobility plan had been modified without any communication.”

Floriade’s opening hours have also been surprisingly extended. Without any consultation, the ferry service was expected to adjust boat connection times accordingly.

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Pausing is not an option
The owner of the ferry service indicates that the company will take legal action to recover part of the damage at the World Horticultural Show: “The damage is now irreparable. According to the agreement, approximately 112,000 visitors will be paid anyway, regardless of whether they come. But among the Those 112,000 visitors, I can’t even get back half of my investment.”

According to Van Drumpt, stopping isn’t an option: “We’re going to keep sailing anyway. We owe it to the Almerders and the city. But if Floriade did its job, our connection to the city wouldn’t cost any money at all, even with fewer visitors. We wouldn’t be in trouble. right Now “.

Floriade does not want to respond to Almir Rundvarten’s allegations at this time. They say they are still in talks about attracting more audiences and are not making any statements about mutual agreements.

This news comes from reporter Yannick van de Wu. This year there is a special focus on the news from Almira for Omrup Flevoland and 1 Almere.

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