Olungren: 1 billion for express delivery of 75,000 additional homes

Olungren: 1 billion for express delivery of 75,000 additional homes

Outgoing Minister Olungren believes that with the extra money from Budget Day, 75,000 new homes could be completed more quickly. It is about a billion euros that she proposes for global distribution in a letter to the Chamber of Deputies.

€500 million will be invested in removing obstacles to facilitate the start-up of 14 large-scale construction projects. These construction sites are located in the Randstad region and in and around a number of large cities, such as the towns of Groningen and Zwolle and the Brabant towns of Tilburg, Breda and Eindhoven.


Construction has already begun in some cities, but there are still all kinds of obstacles that could lead to delays. This may concern old factories or companies, the purchase or demolition of which is expensive. Olungren hopes that in this way, about 35,000 homes, which are also affordable, will be ready for occupancy more quickly. It is not yet clear how the 500 million will be distributed among the cities.

In addition, 250 million euros of extra budget will be allocated to Woningbouwimpuls, whereby an additional 40,000 homes could be built across the country. Another 250 million has been earmarked for teams of architecture professionals and bottlenecks such as staff shortages at the State Council are causing a backlog in appeals proceedings.

Construction projects in the Netherlands are sometimes seriously delayed because opponents of building plans file legal objections to the Council of State.


On top of that 1 billion euros, another 100 million euros will be allocated to housing “focus groups”, such as the homeless, students, the elderly and permit holders. They need affordable social housing, but it is in great demand. Olungren did not say how she would like to arrange accommodation for this group.

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There is now a housing shortage of 279,000 homes and the housing shortage will increase until 2025. The Minister stressed that building new homes takes a lot of time and everything should be done to avoid delays. The billion will be spent on housing over ten years.

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