“Old Warner Bros. System Prevented Final Return for Years”

"Old Warner Bros. System Prevented Final Return for Years"

warning: Follow below amazing Spoilers for Black Adam!

In the United States, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. In Holland we have to wait another night.

After months (maybe years) of speculation and pointless interviews, Henry Cavill is finally back as Superman in the DCEU.

In a post-credit scene for Black Adam, opposite protagonist Dwayne Johnson appears and asks them to speak.

Since Justice League (2017), Cavill has been somewhat sidelined, but with fans grumbling about SnyderVerse continuing with him, he’s remained a block before the blasts at Warner Bros.

They really wanted to use the upcoming The Flash to erase his timeline and start from scratch with Supergirl. But those plans have now completely changed, thanks in part to Johnson.

Kevin Tsujihara, Anne Sarnoff and Walter Hamada
Fans are ecstatic and waiting for a long time. Johnson blames former Warner Bros. executives for the delay. Developed:

“Phone calls and meetings, but man, it took six years to get this done. They kept saying ‘No’. And it wasn’t until a new leadership emerged that a fertile era began.”.

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