Old becomes new: Opel Manta GSE

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The inspiration for the new Opel family face gets its own makeover

This Opel Manta is old and new at the same time: the iconic sports car was the inspiration for the new face of the Opel family and then installed itself.

It’s not uncommon for a car manufacturer to go back to its past to introduce a new model. It becomes special when the brand associates its family face with this classic car. But do you want to “modify” such a classic with those new design features? This happens for the first time with the Opel Manta GSe.

On the public road

This Manta is a special one anyway, because only one of them is being built. So it was so close that the car editor didn’t rub the paint with a button off his pants in an unguarded moment. They were almost not nervous in Opel, because he was even allowed to take it on public roads!

In the Netherlands, we know the Opel Manta nowadays mainly from new children’s films. But in Opel’s eyes, the popular sports car is certainly no laughing matter: the model can now boast a 50-year history and served as an important inspiration for today’s cars from Rüsselsheim. Examples include the new Opel Mokka and the new Opel Astra.

Manta is fully listening to the genre name “GSe ElektroMOD”. You can conclude that there is an electric powertrain hidden under the hood. The Manta was not originally delivered with an electric drive, but this is the so-called “restomod”: Opel not only restored the sports car, but also modernized it. trend came from the United States.

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look twice

The Manta GSe is so tastefully put together, sometimes you have to look twice to see where the mods start and the original car ends. The interior is a mix of contemporary Opels, while the chassis is largely original. Except for the 17-inch wheels, fluorescent paint, tail lights and nameplate.

The Electric Manta has a 31 kWh battery, which is good for a driving range of 200 km. In modern electric cars, the battery cells are hidden underground; In this case they found a place behind the backrest of the rear seat. The Opel can be charged in three stages at a public charging point: the batteries must be filled again within 4 hours.

The rear-wheel drive Manta features a powerful electric motor with 141 hp and 255 Nm at the front. Combined with an empty weight of just under 1,200 kilograms, he wants to move on. The original manta weighs just 100 pounds less! Interesting detail: current electric models from Opel save less energy.

Back to square one

You won’t believe it, but if you have to, they can rebuild the ElektroMOD to its original Opel condition. They won’t, of course: Manta GSe has turned into an outright hit on social media! An Opel is also allowed on the public road, which has been approved by the German RDW. But plans to build a sports car already, the Germans do not have yet. This makes our journey with the Manta GSE even more special!

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