Ocon: Formula 1 can be more exciting than football

Ocon: Formula 1 can be more exciting than football

Esteban Ocon believes that if cars come together next year, Formula 1 could become more exciting than football. The Frenchman notes that Formula 1 is becoming more and more famous: “Everyone is talking about it.”

Formula 1 has grown in popularity in recent years. Part of that success is due to the Netflix documentary series campaign to surviveAs a result, the sport has suddenly gained many new fans around the world. This was particularly notable in the United States, where this year’s grandstands at the Circuit of the Americas filled with 400,000 fans spread over the entire weekend. Not many F1 fans have ever been to a track before and that’s a good thing according to Alpine driver Esteban Ocon.

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“It’s fantastic how this is developing,” said Okun, who won this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Motorsports Week. “Of course there are still things we can do better, but we are trying different things, the races were interesting, there are more chances today and it’s just crazy until the last lap.”

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“This last round of 2021 sums up the entire season because it was the same in 2020,” Ocon continues. “If we can bring the cars closer together, it is likely that Formula 1 will trump football based on how attractive it is. I would be very happy if that was the case. Everyone is talking about Formula 1,” Ocon said. “I have some friends who weren’t Really fans of the sport, but now they totally follow it. That’s great,” concludes the driver in the Alps.

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