NS failure is caused in part by backup system problems

NS failure is caused in part by backup system problems

Passengers stranded last Sunday in The Hague Central.ANP . image

The backup system, which NS can refer to in case of IT problems, did not work properly on Sunday. Thousands of commuters were stranded at train stations Sunday morning due to problems with the planning system for equipment and personnel. The Secretary of State said in her letter that, under normal circumstances, NS can refer to a backup. But this system has also proven ineffective. How this could happen has not yet been investigated.

Thousands of commuters were stranded at train stations at the end of Sunday morning due to a nationwide blackout. NS thought it irresponsible to allow trains to operate without a working system. Many unions claim that it was possible to do this. FNV Director Henri Janssen stated on Twitter that the damage would have been much less if the adjustment had not been centralized in 2017.

In a letter to NS Director Marjan Rintel, Janssen criticized the NS on behalf of FNV Spoor, the railway workers’ union. According to Janssen, some individuals such as drivers have suggested several alternatives to continue driving on some roads. Management has completely misunderstood the professional knowledge of its employees. Jansen said employees are ashamed of the actions of NS management.

FNV also wants NS to compensate stranded employees, just like passengers, for the costs they had to incur to get home. According to Jansen, individuals were sometimes “left to their own devices.” “Sometimes in places where there are no toilets, dirty toilets, no canteen, etc.”

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Foreign Minister Heinen

Foreign Minister Heijinn was also critical. According to her, NS made a “very bad turn.” Although the IT systems were running again in the evening, train traffic eventually stopped for the rest of the day. NS also did not offer an alternative means of transportation. Areva was still operating, but the regional operator reported on Twitter that the buses were overcrowded due to a train breakdown.

The Secretary of State wrote that the consequences of the defect were “extremely disturbing and undesirable.” Heijnen wants there to be a major train failure and an investigation into how it was handled by an independent agency. The Secretary of State wants to know, among other things, why an alternative transfer has not been arranged and how NS management will prevent such disruption in the future.

NS . said It was not possible to deploy the buses due to the magnitude of the disruption. NS also announced that it will compensate passengers. What this compensation will look like is still unknown.

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