Notable Celebrities Who Love Gambling

Celebrity culture is always going to be one of society’s greatest guilty pleasures. Gambling is also another prominent guilty pleasure that many people like to indulge in every once in a while. A lot of the time, when people think of celebrities, non-famous people find it difficult to humanize the people they see on TV screens or on social media. However, celebrities are people too and they have their own fair share of quirks and guilty pleasures as well. And considering that gambling is a form of recreation that’s beloved by people from all walks of life, it should go without saying that celebrities love to gamble as well. 

Gambling is becoming so much more popular these days, And as gambling culture continues to grow in popularity, it’s highly likely that more celebrities with lots of money will dabble into gambling every once in a while as well. In this article, we are going to go over some of the most prominent celebrities who also like to spend time on casino floors.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is often dubbed as the greatest basketball player of all time. His Airness himself attributes a lot of his success to the fact that he’s a hyper-competitive individual. There have been countless anecdotes and stories that tell of MJ’s desire to dominate the people around him at whatever game or sport. This is also the reason why MJ can often be seen on casino floors. The man is obsessed with winning, especially when the odds are stacked against him. 

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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is more than just a reality TV star, hotel heiress, and Hollywood starlet. She’s also an avid gambler and a successful one at that! There are even rumors of Paris bagging a blackjack win of over $50,000 in one sitting. She’s a recreational gambler, and given her net worth, it wouldn’t be a wonder to see her gambling at some of the high roller tables. 

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods isn’t just the best and most popular golfer to have ever existed, but he’s also a passionate gambler. Golfers are known to indulge in a few bets on the fairways every now and then to make the game a little more interesting. But Tiger’s interest in gambling stretches beyond the fairways and into the casinos. He can often be found at some of the most luxurious gambling houses in the world. It’s been reported that Woods has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in casinos. 

George Clooney

George Clooney didn’t just star in one of the most prominent gambling movies to have come out of the 21st century. The Ocean’s Eleven actor is a lot like the fictional character that he plays in the film after all. Clooney has been known to be spotted at some of the finest casino establishments in the world. Given all the fame and success he has amassed over the years, people definitely know that he has a few extra bucks to burn at the casino. 

Kevin Hart

Don’t underestimate his size! Kevin Hart would bet all of his weight in gold if given the chance. Aside from being a successful actor and comedian, Kevin Hart is known to be a great fan of poker and blackjack. In fact, Hart has made an appearance in the World Series of Poker tournament as well! Hart has since said that his wife has banned him from going back to Vegas because of how much time he spends in casinos. 

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Sure, celebrities may make a lot more money than most other people in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all that different from us. Granted, it might mean that they’re more likely to play on the high-rollers tables. But they definitely enjoy a good night out at the casino just as much as the average joe. So, the next time you find yourself in the middle of a casino floor, make sure that you have an eye out for these celebrities. You never know when you’re going to run into a star the next time you’re hitting the craps table. 

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