Not even China can undo the failure of the Matrix Revival.

Not even China can undo the failure of the Matrix Revival.

Do you still remember Matrix Resurrection Something To make money at the box office? Warner Bros. movie. the new. It opened with a profit of $7.5 million at the Chinese box office, according to Artisan Gateway.

The start of the box office in China has been slow this year. The sector as a whole lost about 15 percent compared to the same period last year. This is partly because the country is struggling with an increase in COVID infections (although not nearly as high), and as a result entire cities have been locked down.

Resurrection Matrix-performance
The performance of the Resurrection Matrix In China it should have helped fix the box office disappointment, as the film has been at the box office so far. But unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise never made it to Chinese pop culture.

Expectations are that Resurrection Matrix It eventually grossed $15.2 million at the Chinese box office. A disappointment, because the chance of the movie being successful in cinemas once it’s finished seems slim.

At the time of writing this report, Resurrection Matrix With a box office gross of $140 million, $35 million of it came from the United States.

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