Nomdaland Grand Winner of Most Important British Film Award

Nomdaland Grand Winner of Most Important British Film Award

Nomadland became the biggest winner at the BAFTA Awards, Britain’s most important film award. The drama won four awards, among which were Best Picture and Best Direction. Leading actress Frances McDormand was awarded Best Actress.

Nomadland was the favorite with seven nominations. The film revolves around a woman who becomes a widow and loses her job. I decided to travel across the US in a truck as a kind of nomad. On the way you meet other Bedouins.

Nomadland is directed by 38-year-old Chloé Zhao. It’s always been seen as one of cinematic’s greatest promises. Her film has previously won a Golden Lion and a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture and Best Drama. The film was also nominated in six Oscars categories. It will be awarded on April 25th.

The Dutch touch

Other films that won more than BAFTA last night are Father, Spirit, and The Most Promising Young Woman. The three won two awards.

Bosnian movie Koo Fades, Aida?, In which many Dutch actors have played, he won awards despite two nominations. Druk, the Danish tragedy comedy in which Dutch production company Topkapi Films has collaborated, returns home with an award. The film won the Best Foreign Language Film category.

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