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Bedouin Cleanses the realities of vagrancy so it remains a romantic journey. The life As a lifestyle choice that leads to stunning social media visuals, with animated life stories wrapped around as décor.
Now that Hooverville is back with revenge in the United States Bedouin Attention to similar Van Life society where people are hidden from view, from the heart of society.
Frances McDormand hangs around like a tough fern at the world she was forced into, after the factory she was working at closed. Every now and then she works out for a nice extra pocket money at the Amazon store and then gets back on the bus. The warm community helps her settle in while she is still grieving for her recently deceased husband, for whom she moved to Nevada.
Life appears in a completely clean truck. Photographer Joshua James Richards captures a big, crisp sun glow, ready for Instagram. McDormand sits on a bucket with stomach ache to relieve himself, but typical of the movie, the mess and smoke are omitted. Fern’s bus looks classy, ​​mates in the sun are having fun in their chair, and everyone is kind to each other. There are ready-made solutions for every setback. Tire apartment in the middle of the desert? Fortunately, there are those who are addressing her with mild reprimand, as if it were an introductory video game.
Rarely does dust get in all of these fishing bags. Driving anxiously Bedouin With an arc around the gabion. The Ludovico Einaudi piano delivers an emotional charge while the truth of the fan’s life remains at a safe distance. The fern on a broad-arms cliff as an influencer of the life of a wonderful counterculture, with only rants to the socio-economic context.
In her first movie Songs my brothers taught me (2015) and its second feature The passenger Director Chloe Chow (2017) has already combined documentary and fiction as the film’s protagonists recreate their own story. Also Bedouin Uses such a merger with Of residents, For themselves, who share their life stories (exaggerated or not). However, the act of their presence is out of sight and out of mind. McDormand’s stoic look, indicating an inner pursuit, always trumps the most wonderful stories, as if they were mere adornments of a mourning scenario full of life. In terms of realism it does Bedouin So it is not under to Straight story (1999), in which a variety of characters illuminate the main character’s journey.
But here, superstar McDormand devours residential life like a black hole. Bedouin He spits out that life again, and lets the difficulties act only as narrative maneuvers. To the wild (2007) also paints a romantic picture of wandering, but it has shaken off the idealism of the protagonist, while McDormand’s monotonous escape away from all stability takes away the allure of consumer counterculture. Chow abandons the disappointment of the American Dream, in which he was John Ghost Final chants for a slow dance (1977) intertwines tragically with the same journey of the main character.
Two films about wandering that didn’t shy away from confrontation. Not everyone is forced to live on a bus like digital nomads, for example, but a large portion of them do. Pretending to romanticize life as a lifestyle choice exploits that given in an emotional, abusive way. Unfortunately, it is a remedy Bedouin The oil, arguments, burnt rubber, and dirty buckets of the regular Instagram shots linger.

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