Next winter weekend: temperatures in snow and cold winds drop to -10 | right Now

Next winter weekend: temperatures in snow and cold winds drop to -10 |  right Now

On Friday, Weerplaza predicts that the country will have to deal with a brilliant winter raid this weekend. Heavy snowfall at night from Saturday to Sunday causes 10 to 20 cm of snow in many places and a cold easterly wind blows. It shouldn’t be called a blizzard, but according to the Weather Institute we can deal with ‘snow drift’.

This snow drift occurs at wind strengths of 6 or 7. Strong winds mean snow drifting can occur. So the thickness of snow can be irregular, especially in open areas, according to Weerplaza.

Although the weather remains mild in many places in the country on Friday, the winter weather at night from Friday to Saturday enters the north with caution, as little snow can actually fall. The temperature drops below zero and a cold easterly wind blows.

On a Saturday, the temperatures will not rise or rise a little, and at the end of the afternoon you will enter the rainy zone into the country through the south. When temperatures drop, this precipitation can turn into snow. “It’s still hard to pinpoint exactly the boundary between rain and snow, but maybe somewhere around or just south of the river region,” Weerplaza says.

At night from Saturday to Sunday the snowfall is widespread

The rainfall area causes snowfall in a large part of the country during the night from Saturday to Sunday. In the south, it usually rains at first, but this can turn into ice when temperatures drop. This can lead to quite a few problems down the road. Snowfitting is difficult for road squeaking services, especially now that curfews have left almost no traffic to get rid of road salt.

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Weerplaza predicts that most places in the country will be covered with a layer of 10-20 cm of snow. However, the ice sheet could be higher locally, partly due to wind erosion.

Sunday winds, temperatures drop to -10 possible

Snow will fall during the day on Sunday, but very cold easterly winds will continue to blow. Although the thermometer shows a temperature of -5 to -3 degrees, the wind chill is probably much lower and it can feel like 10 degrees below zero.

Weerplaza warns that “snow lovers who want to go out on the sled are wise to dress warmly.”

The cold temperatures will continue next week. Weerplaza expects a few very cold days, of which the temperature will not exceed -5 degrees. If the winds also subside and subside during the night, severe frosts cannot be ruled out. “Good for natural ice formation, so who knows, you might be able to ski on a local scale later in the week,” the weather service said.

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