New report on World Octopus Day Against Octopus Cultivation – Early Birds

New report on World Octopus Day Against Octopus Cultivation - Early Birds

Today on World Octopus Day, Animal Conservation Sympathy in World Agriculture (CIWF) is calling for the development of octopus farming to be halted. her new report He reveals eight reasons why raising this eight-armed animal leads to serious animal suffering, including great intelligence, highly complex behavior, and the natural needs of octopuses. The CIWF issued a letter urging the governments of Spain, Japan, Mexico and the United States to halt their plans to develop octopus cultivation. Besides the fact that farms cannot meet the natural needs of animals, there is also no painless way to kill, and agriculture will put even more pressure on already overfished seas, as these carnivores must be fed with game and caught fish.

Marine biologist Dr. Elena Lara, Director of Research at Compassion in World Farming and author of the report: “The Netflix movie, My Octopus Teacher, gave the world a moving glimpse into the lives of these unique, naturally solitary and vulnerable wild animals. People who have watched the film will be shocked to learn that there are plans to trap these creatures. Brilliant, inquisitive and sensitive in huge, barren nurseries, and their lives simply wouldn’t be worth living.”

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