New pictures of Chucky: The killer doll is back!

New pictures of Chucky: The killer doll is back!

The world’s most famous killer doll returns later this year…but on the small screen!

SYFY Series Photography chucky Still in full swing. The series will continue the story of the original seven films. Today’s new short look behind the scenes!

Creator Don Mancini tweeted a video that we see filming a scene with young actor Zachary Arthur and the killer doll from the title. You can watch the video below.

Not only Mancini is back for chucky. Brad Dourif, who has provided the voice of the killer doll since 1988, is back again this time. So does Jennifer Tilly, who voices Tiffany (and can be seen as herself). Additionally, we see Fiona Drive (Brad’s daughter), after the movies damn complain On chucky cult Go back and dive up Alex Vincent (who played Andy in baby play On Children’s toys 2) and Kristen Elise McCarthy (Andy’s foster sister Kyle in Part Two) op.

Show Chucky
at chucky We see a vintage Chucky doll appear at a yard sale, before a small American town is plunged into chaos after a series of murders. Meanwhile, a slew of characters from Chucky’s past arrive to uncover the truth behind these murders.

chucky It will be available to stream on SYFY and USA Network later this year (in the US). It is still not clear how and if we will see the series in the Netherlands.

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