New on Netflix: Enjoy baking this ‘Sugar Rush Christmas’ Season 2

New on Netflix: Enjoy baking this 'Sugar Rush Christmas' Season 2

Four bakers compete again in Season 2 of the delicious Sugar Rush Christmas series …

Still looking for inspiration for making the most delicious Christmas desserts? Then watch the second season of Christmas Sugar Rush No doubt something for you on Netflix!

You know Christmas is nearing when it’s the new season Christmas Sugar Rush sound. In this second season, four bakers will compete again to present the best and tastiest desserts … of course in the style of Christmas. After each challenge, one of the four groups will withdraw. Challenges winner will be awarded an amount equivalent to $ 10,000.

Christmas spirit
Christmas Sugar Rush It is being watched seriously not only in the US, but also abroad. Despite the fact that the viewership numbers aren’t bad, the series on IMDB for example still only gets a 6.8 / 10.

Anyway, are you someone who also loves to bake something delicious on a regular basis and do you also want to do this for the holidays? So, this series can provide you a lot of great inspiration!

The second season of Christmas Sugar Rush Can be watched on Netflix starting Friday 27 November 2020.

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