New ANWB Monument Marks in Leiden

New ANWB Monument Marks in Leiden

October 20 2022

LEIDEN – On October 19, Mayor Henry Linverink and Magnificus President Hester Peale attached the first new ANWB memorial sign to the building at Langebrug 45 in Leiden. In the coming weeks, 36 Leiden memorials will receive a new ANWB memorial sign. Signs replace old signs, which are becoming more and more difficult to read. New signs show the history of Leiden’s buildings in a way that is easily accessible to residents and visitors.

Leiden has more than 2,800 monuments, making it the fourth largest monument city in the Netherlands. For example, there is a sign of Pieterskerk, Hooglandse Kerk, Hartebruckerk, Latin School, Academy building and Heerenlogement. Most patios also have an information panel. Each panel contains Dutch text with an English summary below. The QR code refers to for more information, also in German. All texts have been rewritten and checked for historical accuracy.

45 . long bridge

Many famous people lived in Leiden, such as the brilliant painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Less well known is that the sixth president of America, John Quincy Adams, lived in Langebrug 45. He studied at Leiden University. His father, John Adams, was the ambassador for the new American state here at the time. Father John later became the second president of the United States (1797-1801) and his son John Quincy the sixth president (1825-1829). This historical fact has made Langebrug a special backdrop today for the unveiling of the first new commemorative sign.

ANWB, Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken, Leiden & Partners, De Vink Restauratiewerken and the municipality of Leiden are jointly implementing this project.

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