Never again at the charging station? The first real Dutch battery exchange station | in the track

Never again at the charging station?  The first real Dutch battery exchange station |  in the track

يمكن بالفعل تغيير البطاريات بسهولة بالغة على الدراجات الإلكترونية.

حاول تسلا ورينو أيضًا ، لكنهما استسلموا

NIO ليست العلامة التجارية الأولى للسيارات التي تطبق تغيير البطارية. العلامات التجارية الأخرى التي جربت هذه التقنية ، لم تر أي جدوى منها. منذ ما يقرب من اثني عشر عامًا ، بصفتك مالكًا لسيارة رينو فلوينس زد.إي التي تعمل بالكهرباء ، كان بإمكانك بالفعل استبدال بطاريتك الفارغة ببطارية ممتلئة. ثم أنشأت رينو والشركة الإسرائيلية بيتر بليس محطة استبدال البطاريات في شيفول.

كان التنقل الكهربائي لا يزال في مهده في ذلك الوقت. في غضون خمس سنوات ، تم بيع 145 نسخة فقط من فلوينس في هولندا. قادها عدد قليل من سيارات الأجرة حول أمستردام. فشل مشروع تغيير البطارية في النهاية ، وفي عام 2013 أفلس "بيتر بليس".

بحثت تسلا أيضًا في إمكانيات "تبديل البطارية". وقد تجلى ذلك على نطاق واسع في ماركة سيارات Elon Musk في عام 2013 ، ثم لم يعد إليها أبدًا. بدلاً من ذلك ، اختارت Tesla شبكة الشحن السريع الخاصة بها مع ما يسمى Superchargers. أكثر من 40.000 من محطات الشحن هذه تعمل الآن في جميع أنحاء العالم في محطات شحن سريع خاصة.

NIO is striving for a network that covers the whole of Europe

Batteries swapping has become a success in forms of mobility other than cars. With an e-bike the battery can of course be changed very easily and this technology is also used in electric scooters.

For example, shared bicycle and scooter providers such as GO Sharing ensure that electric bicycles and scooters are equipped with a full battery on time. If you have an empty battery with electric OV-fi, you can exchange it for a full battery at the drop-off point at the NS station.

NIO thinks it’s a good time to try again with cars. At the changing station, you can also choose a larger capacity battery. In addition to the existing batteries with a capacity of 75 or 100 kWh, there will also be a battery with a capacity of 150 kWh in due course.

After the battery exchange station in Tilburg, the battery exchange station in The Hague, Apeldoorn, Utrecht and Harmelen will soon follow. NIO eventually wants to find about a thousand exchange stations across Europe, creating a comprehensive network.

If all car manufacturers had to install the same battery in their models, it would limit their design options significantly.

Martin Steinbuch, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology

Other developments related to electric driving are also moving quickly

According to NIO, a switching power plant should be considered primarily as an auxiliary service. Each car of this brand comes with a home charger. “Most drivers will mainly charge at home, but on long trips a power swap can be a solution,” says Norwegian NIO CEO Marius Hayler in an interview with AutoWeek. “Replacement terminals are mainly to upgrade your battery—or even downgrade your battery, should your circumstances change and you need a smaller, and therefore less heavy, battery.”

However, the question remains whether the battery replacement station will work. Technical developments surrounding electric driving are moving at lightning speed. For example, there is already a lot of experimentation with wireless charging via induction plates on the road surface and fast charging will only get more powerful in the near future – which will greatly reduce wait times at the charging station.

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