Netherlands watched these series en masse on Netflix

Netherlands watched these series en masse on Netflix

Netflix has the top three new titles out there and there are quite a few standouts in between.

Every Sunday, we look at Netflix shows and list the top three. This week, a brand new series topped the list: sweet magnolia† Other than that, noticeably little change in the top three.

This is how the South Korean zombie series appears We are all dead It is impossible to hack it in Holland, as it is very popular in the United States. The Sweet Magnolias series reaches the top. The Sinner also continues to do well and Manifest is still a well-watched series, despite it being released over a month ago.

the top three
Well, let’s list the top three:

1. Sweet Magnolia (season 2): In this series, friends Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue seek balance. They must balance their relationships, families, and jobs and make something of life in the small town of Serenity.

2. The Sinner (season 4): In a small town in upstate New York, a haunted detective is tasked with solving crimes. Nor: It’s not easy and certainly not without having to contend with his personal demons.

3. Statement (seasons 1 and 2): return plane. But the passengers appear to have been missing for years. And they also have supernatural powers! what is going on?

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