Netflix will release its best series in March

Netflix will release its best series in March

We have a monthly overview for you again, full of new titles coming to Netflix.

Netflix will release several new titles in March. Today we are listing them all for you. Prepare yourself for a wonderful month!
New episode every week from March 4th

The Flash (season 7)[/b]

The seventh season of Sparkle Different from what you are used to in the series. We first see the actual end of the sixth series. Then they pick up a new story. We see how Team Flash, among other things, tries to solve problems with Speed ​​Force.

March 5

Pacific Rim: Black (Sizen 1)

After the Kaiju leaves Australia in ruins, two brothers decide to use Jaeger to find their parents. During that journey, they encounter new creatures and forge unexpected alliances.

March 9

The House Boat (one season)

Musicians and friends Finn Clement and Ole Schultz face two tough years trying to restore the home of singer Günther Gabriel to its original glory.

March 14th

Black List (Seizuen 7)

Reid is one of the most wanted criminals in the United States. He teams up with FBI agent Elizabeth Kane and solves her crimes.

March 15

The Lost Pirate Kingdom (1 Sizen)

Real pirates in the Caribbean are violently looting the world’s resources and creating a surprisingly egalitarian republic.

March 19

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Seizuen 3)

During the 2020 short season, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and others will compete for the world title.

March 26

The Ertallulz (season 1)

In 19th-century London, a group of misfits work together to solve supernatural crimes.

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