Netflix wants to release more preview accounts to test the content

Netflix wants to release more preview accounts to test the content

Streaming service Netflix has a plan to let more people watch its preview programme. Within this program, people can test new content to check if it’s something for Netflix and in which category it fits best. The program already exists, but now the streaming service wants to add tens of thousands of new users.

Netflix Preview Club

The Wall Street Journal reports, citing anonymous sources, that the Netflix Preview Club is looking for more members. Currently there are only two thousand and only in the United States. With this preview account, you can watch the movie or series months before it appears on the streaming service. However, it’s a bit perverse for people in the US to decide what the rest of the world wants to see (although it always has been that way, given the prestige of Hollywood).

A preview like this is totally normal in Hollywood. There, movies and series are almost always subject to a small audience before they officially leave cinema or television (or, increasingly, a streaming service). Studios test how audiences interact with content in a variety of ways, much like an experience in a theater. Let’s see which jokes work, which don’t, how people feel afterwards, and what rating people will give the movie or series in the first place.

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Netflix would like to see more diversity in the preview team that includes people outside the US. Flix has yet to indicate if it wants to expand to specific countries or if it will be open to people all over the world, for example. Many people will probably want to take part: after all, you will be one of the first people in the world to watch the latest movies and series. Additionally: This preview program appears to have an actual effect on the content itself. For example, Don’t Look Up became funnier after panelists said it was too dangerous.

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The trailer for the acclaimed “Don’t Look For” game.

The Netflix Preview Club seems pretty new. At the beginning of this year, new Netflix subscribers were asked to join the Preview Program.

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