Netflix launches a web store with exclusive merchandise

Netflix Web Store
Netflix Store

From now on, you can buy official merchandise from your favorite Netflix series in the US. These are exclusive limited editions of clothing and other products. Initially, it will be a US-only online store that, if successful, can also be expanded to other countries.

There is already a lot of merchandise from the Netflix series, but now the streaming service itself comes with an official merchandise for its most popular series. In the past, Netflix has partnered with several retail chains of merchandise. Just think of groups for all boys On Weird things Big H&M.

Netflix Store

On, fans of various Netflix series can now purchase merchandise. There are currently four collections based on the Netflix anime. For example, the first set is a collaboration with Jordan Bentley from Hypland on anime Yasuki. The second collection written by Nathalie Nguyen based on the animated series Eden On Yasuki. Christopher Kates created some jewelry and collectibles based on Yasuki. Finally, there is a collaboration with Japanese brand Beams on anime Eden. Currently, prices range from $30 (about €25) for a shirt to $135 (about €111) an hour.

These animation kits are just the beginning of the web store. Later this month, there will also be a group around lupine. This set will consist of hats, shirts and sweaters, and also home decorations such as pillows and a side table. The collection with the French series will be in collaboration with the Louvre Museum. Groups will also follow later Weird things On Stealing money.

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