Netflix is ​​building a massive franchise for a successful series

Netflix is ​​building a massive franchise for a successful series

Lupine will get at least one Netflix show, we hear from one of its makers.

Netflix series fans lupine We will be pleased to hear that subsidiary works are in the pipeline for this series.

Christophe Riandy, Executive Vice President of Gaumont Film Company, this lupine It is being produced, and he revealed during an interview with Deadline that a spin-off is in the pipeline.

lupine– Franchise
Riandy didn’t say much, except that there are many series about him lupine can reach. Welcomes “Too bad” When more is made. But the last option is of course with Netflix and the likelihood of more series arriving depends on that.

lupine It turned out to be one of the best-received Netflix works.

It’s the first French-language series to reach the top ten on the US platform (in fact: lupine finished in third place). The series was released in many countries lupine Right in the first place.

In January 2021 it turns out lupine It was even so successful that 76 million people watched the first episodes. It was one of the most successful Netflix Original debuts.

lupine It follows Asani Diop, played by Omar Sy, who seeks revenge for the deception of the Pellegrini family who accuse his father of stealing a diamond necklace.

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