Netflix introduces three new seasons

Netflix introduces three new seasons

Netflix is ​​still fully committed to reality series, as it turns out today.

Netflix has renewed three reality series: The Circle, Indian Matchmaking, and The American BBQ Showdown.
Circle It is a real-time, chat-up match that is set for seasons 4 and 5. for American Barbecue Showdown It applies that the second season has ordered and what matchmaking between indians concerned, we get the second group.

Three series
Circle Netflix was a huge hit last year, so season two and three were quickly ordered. Now, comedian Michele Bouteau has signed on to host seasons 4 and 5 as well. In the series, participants live in an apartment complex where they communicate with each other via the app The Circle. They have to give ratings to each other and the higher ranked players are the ones with influence. They can ban or eliminate other players again, until only one person remains.

in a American Barbecue Showdown We see people of different levels competing with each other with barbecue. They are presented with different challenges and have to race against time.

finally, matchmaking between indians The series revolves around the matchmaker Sima Tabaria, who guides clients in the United States and India through the process of a planned wedding, where the couple does not yet know each other.

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