Netflix has to deal with another big setback

Netflix has to deal with another big setback

Netflix is ​​not doing well at the moment, not even in terms of satisfaction.

In this digital age, people often joke that Netflix cancels series just as easily as it creates new ones. This seems to lead to a somewhat mediocre reception for the streaming service.

A new survey from Whip Media finds that Netflix ranks worst when it comes to “perceived value,” compared to eight other US streaming services.

Netflix doesn’t score well at all
Of all the platforms people were allowed to choose from in the Whip Media poll, HBO Max scored the best. This while it is one of the most expensive streaming services out there.

Warner Discovery platform followed by Disney +, Hulu, Paramount +, Prime Video, Discovery +, Peacock, Apple TV + and then Netflix.

Remarkably, for Netflix, the search was also “friendly” at the same time. When asked “If you could only keep one, which would you choose?” Netflix emerged as a convincing winner.

For this question, 41 percent of respondents chose Netflix. Hulu followed with 21 percent and HBO Max in the top three with 13 percent of respondents.

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