Netflix faces tough competition from YouTube thanks to its free streaming service

Netflix faces tough competition from YouTube thanks to its free streaming service

YouTube will soon offer at least 4,000 episodes of TV shows and series. Good news, because it can be viewed completely free of charge. Something, of course, can only be achieved by adding ads.

It’s good to know that YouTube will soon make many programs available for free, but for now only in the US. However, the move is so interesting that we reported it via this message. You as a Dutch consumer can also benefit from this in the future.

YouTube offers free programs and series

There are a number of parties that provide content to consumers completely free of charge. YouTube is the latest party to do this. Through a blog post, the company announces that several shows and series will be shown in the United States. This content can be seen not only via the desktop version, but also via the mobile version of the popular video platform.

There’s a good chance the new move will make some Netflix users think, but that’s not exactly the party Google has targeted. This honor goes to Linear TV. YouTube wants people to choose what they want to watch across the platform and not scroll endlessly until something nice appears on the screen.

Netflix YouTube TV
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Thus series and programs can be watched completely free of charge, although YouTube wants something logical in return. That’s why the company advertises the content, just as the company does with its videos. It is not yet known how many of those commercials can be seen during an episode of the series.

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Certainly not the first

It’s a smart move from YouTube and a fun development for a lot of people. Although the idea is anything but original. Right now, there are parties like Plex, Roku, Vizio, and Samsung that do practically the same thing. The only difference is that there are a lot of people on the YouTube platform every day. Thus the success of the concept can be greatly increased in this way.

Netflix will soon lose 1917’s South Park and 27 other titles

YouTube TV provides consumers with free access to programs such as Hell’s Kitchen, Andromeda And the heart.

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