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The Anthrax Attacks Netflix

We’ve learned about a new phenomenon around the 9/11 attacks: the powder letters. Netflix has now produced the documentary The Antrax Attacks on the subject. A musical about Bridgerton was also shown, but this has now been cancelled.

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Antrax Attacks: Powder Messages About 9/11

In the panic that followed 9/11, the United States was ambushed by powder letters. It was handed over to government agencies and banks, with disastrous results. Five people were killed and seventeen seriously ill. An unprecedented biological attack. The FBI investigated the case and some strange facts emerged. A documentary, The Antrax Attacks, has now been produced and can be watched on Netflix from September 8. The trailer has already been released.

The musical Bridgeton in the trash

A musical about Bridgerton was to be performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Tickets sold out like hot cakes, there was only one problem. The manufacturers have never asked Netflix for permission for this. The problem arose when the creators (Abigail Barlow and Emily Beer) released songs about the series, which were listened to collectively on Spotify. When they also tied a musical to it, Netflix went too far. A legal process began, and the end result was that there would be no music.

Jack was injured from the Virgin River while filming season 4

Martin Henderson is known as Jack Bean to Virgin River fans. He also played that role for the fourth season, but had to pay for it due to injury. Things went wrong when he and Preacher shot the medieval-style sword-fighting scene. The actor landed on his head during the fight.

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Go back to the old acquaintance in Cobra Kai season 5

Cobra Kai is definitely the comeback king. Every season, an old acquaintance from the Karate Kid series is reintroduced, and it won’t be any different in Season 5, because we have to deal with Mike Barnes (again)!

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