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Squid Game spel

In addition to series and online games, Netflix now also releases board games. You can be the first to start with Ozark, Stranger Things, and Squid. After the summer it’s also time for the second Tudum event.

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Board games Ozark, Squid Game and Stranger Things

A number of board games will be released at the end of this month. Netflix will now also bring the main series to your living room. Ozark, Squid Game, and Stranger Things will be released initially. In Ozark, you have to take one of the chain reels and make sure that you control the money. In Squid, it is of course important to pass all the games and the current Stranger Things is about the third season. It is important to know what characters the mind flyer has. Stranger Things can already be found at

The Tudum event is back with the second edition

Netflix has announced that another Tudum event will be held this fall. On Saturday, September 24, information about more than a hundred films and series will be exchanged. Renewed series, first pictures, talks and much more. Last year was one event, now it’s broken into five parts. This way we go through the whole day, which begins in South Korea and travels through India, the United States and Latin America to end up in Japan after 24 short hours. Everything can be watched on YouTube.

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This is the cast of Black Mirror Season 6

Back Mirror will soon return to Netflix, with the highly anticipated sixth season. And we can already announce which actors and actresses will be a part of all-new episodes!

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Persuasion depends on this book

Persuasion on Netflix is ​​based on a book. It is one of many successful stories created by Jane Austen, who amassed a real library. But what is a persuasive book based on Netflix? And what are the differences? Because there!

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