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De Luizenmoeder Netflix

The Lice Mother: The movie is coming to Netflix. The closing movie can be watched on the streaming service from July 28. Meanwhile, the fourth and final season of Paradise PD has also been ordered. It should be at the end of this year.

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De Luizenmoeder: A movie on its way to Netflix

The Lice Mother: The movie is coming to Netflix. The series was a huge hit on TV and last year the series officially wrapped up with a movie. The movie will be available on Netflix from July 28. In the film we see how the teacher has to put you in order again after the sudden loss of director Anton. But in the current situation, this turned out to be more difficult than expected.

Paradise PD has been renewed for a final season on Netflix

Paradise PD will be back for another season soon. The fourth and final season is expected to be shown on Netflix at the end of 2022. According to an official spokesperson, even the release date of the last episodes is already known. So it will be on December 16th. The final season will shake things up by including some live action scenes.

Chesapeake Shores Season Final Release Date

Chesapeake Shores is back again this summer. The beloved romantic drama series is set to premiere in Season 6, which will end Abby O’Brien’s story. Hallmark, the channel on which the series is broadcast in the United States, has announced the start date.

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Max Verstappen will reappear in F1: Drive to Survive

Max Verstappen will see a lot more in Formula 1: Drive to Survive next year. In the documentary series about the royal class, the Dutchman is rarely seen in his world title. It occurs, but is not widely followed. That will be different next year.

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