Netflix announces mystery documentary series Meltdown: Three Mile Island

Netflix announces mystery documentary series Meltdown: Three Mile Island

The documentary revolves around the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania…

Netflix has announced a new and interesting documentary series called Avalanche: Three Mile Island† The new documentary series delves into the history of the famous Three Mile Island Research Center in Pennsylvania.

The new documentaries consist of four episodes. It tells the story of how a giant nuclear disaster was prevented at the last minute. The events are narrated through the eyes of Richard Parks, among others. He is not only a chief engineer, but he is also known as a whistleblower. The community surrounding the nuclear power plant also tells its story.

One of the biggest nuclear accidents
The docuseries show all the different people involved in what is being called one of the largest nuclear accidents in US history. The series not only contains a large amount of archive material, but also incorporates many re-enacted scenes.

All episodes of this new documentary series Avalanche: Three Mile Island Added to the Netflix streaming service all at once. This will happen on May 4 this year.

Would you like to taste this very interesting new documentary series? Be sure to check out the trailer below!

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