Netflix adds three Squid Game maker movies

Netflix adds three Squid Game maker movies

Netflix has Via Twitter It has been announced that three feature films of Hwang Dong Hyuk will be shown on Netflix. For now, this is only in the United States. Dong-hyuk is best known for his Squid Game, the most streamed new series on Netflix ever. The three feature films are called Silenced, Miss Granny, and The Fortress.

silent It was one of the biggest films in South Korea when it was released in 2011. The film is based on true stories, in which an art teacher at a school for the hearing impaired fights sexually abused children.

Miss Grandma is a 2014 fantasy drama about a 74-year-old woman who magically regains her 20-year-old appearance after a photo was taken in a mysterious photo studio.

Finally there the castle From 2017. This is a historical drama that takes place during the Ching invasion of Korea.

Squid game season two

Much of Hwang Dong-huyk’s work deals with relevant social themes and visual appeal. Adding these titles to Netflix will allow fans to enjoy his work while they wait for a possible second season of the Squid Game. A second season has yet to be confirmed, but there are strong indications that the show is getting more seasons. For example, Netflix hasn’t given up on Squid for Limited Series the prices. Hwang Dong-huyk also has some ideas about what season two might be like.

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