Nature today | Natuurjournaal September 29, 2021

Nature today |  Natuurjournaal September 29, 2021

When the winds are right, you can sometimes see gray mowing waters along the coast. They are real birds of the open sea, which are especially close to the Dutch coast with the west and northwest winds. Most mowing waters are seen in September and October. It’s so special to see one, because it actually flies all over the world. It breeds near New Zealand, Australia, the Falkland Islands and off Chile; Winter in the northern hemisphere. The east coast of Canada is a favorite destination for this. With the whole world at your disposal, it becomes even more fun when the gray mowing waters are also seen near the Dutch coast!

Many plants have already finished flowering, so the flowers you can still see now stand out more. For example, wall lettuce can still be found in the inflorescence. This plant, as its name suggests, grows on or on walls. This is not the only place you can find it, it is especially important that the places of growth are moist. You can also find excellent wall lettuce along forest trails. For your next fall run, check out the Nature Today Go app to see what other plants are blooming nearby.

Text: Marjoline Moog,
Photos: Luc Hoogenstein, Saxifraga; Ed Stekfort, Saxefraga

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