Naturalized without papers – NRC

Naturalized without papers - NRC

The fact that Antonio has lived, worked and paid taxes in the United States for a quarter of a century makes no difference. The fact that his parents never officially declared him an American citizen as an infant clouded his life like the sword of Damocles. After a fight with his ex-girlfriend, the Asian-American ends up in the bureaucratic mills of ICE’s immigration service and threatens to deport him to Korea.

Director, screenwriter and hero Justin Chun builds with him Blue Bio To works in which he wants to give his own ethnic group a voice in Hollywood. It’s a pity that Chon as a director sometimes goes too far in exaggerating the injustices affecting his main character. The fact-based story of the benevolent citizens who have been crushed by an inhuman regime is impressive enough without the fiddle blowing.

The biggest impact happens Blue Bio During the more subtle scenes, like the racist job interview where Antonio has to back off when he criticizes his father.

Chon makes it easy to get a sense of how frustrated it must be for people with bicultural roots to constantly face this.

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