Nanny review [Prime Video] – Review on FilmTotaal

Nanny review [Prime Video] - Review on FilmTotaal

direction: Nikiato Josso | Scenario: Nikiato Josso | Throw: Anna Diop (Aisha), Michelle Monaghan (Amy), Cinqua Walls (Malik), Leslie Uggams (Kathleen), Morgan Spector (Adama), and others | game time: 99 minutes | year: 2022

The slow-paced thriller is called Slow Burn. There are movie buffs out there who love it, but there is absolutely no guarantee that this genre will gradually pick up steam or that it will lead to a crushing end. Nanny for example. The plot is unforgivable and when the expected conclusion is finally spoken of, there are still four minutes before the credits roll. If you still take it easy, you should take the time for that as well.

Aisha is hired as Rose’s nanny, a job she gladly accepts to pay for her son’s passage from Africa to the United States. It soon becomes apparent that the Rose family has a cross, but it is Aisha herself who has the biggest problems. She begins having strange dreams and eventually hallucinations and blackouts. She has no idea what’s going on.

Nanny Produced by Jason Blum. This guy makes movies on a conveyor belt (and that belt runs at such high speed), that it’s almost impossible not to see anything out of his hand. The bulk of his work is horror, because he knows there is a huge audience for that. Fortunately, it’s not just bloody dismemberment or ghosts slamming doors loudly; It gives the filmmakers a chance and sometimes there is a slow motion drama in between with a touch of the supernatural.

But actually you can Nanny Just call it a drama. The other kind is glued to attract viewers and they may be disappointed. You can’t blame them, because calling out something terrifying creates expectations. The trailer actually sells this movie with scary images and a statement that it belongs to the maker of the movie Invisible Mannail biting bur sang.

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If marketing had just left him in the drama, there would undoubtedly be more appreciation for him. Yes, there is a slight touch of supernatural talent, but that can also be interpreted as a maternal instinct. Now you are always waiting for something that will never come. It steals credit from promising lead actress Anna Diop and tight cinematography.

After all, she sure isn’t a miss. Not only Anna Diop (we) beats, the entire cast quietly on a roll. You sympathize with Ayesha’s frustration at constantly having to ask people who appear to be good-hearted for her money, and Rose’s mother taunts her over her insecurities about motherhood and her constant delay in reuniting with her son.

Horror comes in the form of illusions. And a lot of hay was taken at the fork. Firstly, there is Anansi in the form of a spider, but there is also a mermaid (which are evil demons in African culture) and also a snake. The universe tries to tell Aisha something, but with the message going in all directions, she is understandably confused. However, the solution is quite obvious.

groups Nanny Don’t expect to get a slow-motion tragic drama that you won’t be dissatisfied with. Except for the hasty ending. This is exactly a moment where you would quietly want to learn how this story unfolds, but the movie quickly ends it. Bloom is a champion at producing films and giving makers a chance, but a course in drama will do him good.

Nanny It can be seen on Prime Video.

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