Nabil Ayouch leaves the Casablanca and Croisette rap loud and strong

Nabil Ayouch leaves the Casablanca and Croisette rap loud and strong

Nabil Ayouch happily rocked the croisette loud and loud It will be released in theaters on November 10. The story of a rap teacher in a popular Casablanca neighborhood and his young students excited festival-goers. Spike Lee can also be beaten with this optimistic view of girls and boys who need freedom of expression.

Director God’s horses and the I liked very much His third visit to Cannes succeeds. “I would not be a filmmaker if I did not have the opportunity to go to a cultural center in Sarcelles, in the Parisian suburb where I grew up. I learned a lot there and especially that the multiplicity of origins is an advantage rather than an obstacle,” he explained during the press conference.

Music Claim

Nabil Ayouch says: “I knew the first hip-hop sounds that came out of the US in the ’80s, and I realized how powerful this socially pretentious music was and how much we could do in Sarcelles… That’s what the characters in the movie said, initially shy and rude, who in turn learn Express their aspirations in a Moroccan society that struggles for freedom.

Nabil Ayouch surrounded himself with students from a real cultural center to shoot this film that gracefully evolves between freedom and fantasy. Religion, our way of life, women’s rights and the weight of the family are very present. It is dealt with without taboos, both in texts and in discussions. Without playing the role of a teacher, the director asks good questions and answers them to his heroes and viewers. The film offers a good dose of hope and music.

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