“My dad is in sauce,” with Johan Hildenberg, gets …

“Mijn vader is een saucisse”, met Johan Heldenbergh, krijgt première in San Jose

Heldenbergh while filming
Photo: fvv

The family movie “My Father is Sauce”, Anouk Fortunier’s first feature film with Johan Hildenberg in one of the main roles, will have its world premiere in the United States.

The film has been selected for the Cinequest Festival of Film and Creativity that takes place each year in San Jose, California, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) reported Tuesday. A documentary and two short films from Flanders will also be shown at the festival.

Daddy as a Thief is about twelve-year-old Zoe, a friend of her father’s. When he leaves his job as a banker on a whim and decides to become a professional actor, an argument erupts between her parents. Zoë is the only one who believes in her father’s plan and wants to help him achieve his goal. The leading roles are played by Johan Hildenberg, Savannah Vandendrichi and Hilde de Berdemaker.

Agnes de Listrad

The script was written by Jean-Claude Van Rijkheim, based on the book of the same name by Agnes de Listrad.

Anouk Fortunier won a VAF Wildcard Award in 2015 with her LUCA graduate project called Drôle d’oiseau, a short fictional film about a bipolar man seen through the eyes of his 11-year-old daughter.

The second Flemish title in Cinequest is “Busking,” a documentary by Timo Vergauwen about the folk musicians Anna and Joel, who together make up the handful of moments. They travel across the United States with their own tour bus, but after a car accident, the dream of driving the bus to Argentina ended abruptly.

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Two short films from Flanders have also been awarded a spot in the Cinequest. Made with VAF Wildcard, Carrousel for Jasmine Elsen is about a woman who lives in her own microcosm but sees her routine being disrupted; “An Earful” by Irish-American director Claire Edlund is a short documentary that includes elements of animation.

The Cinequest Festival of Film and Creativity takes place from March 20-30.

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