“More Ministries with Capabilities and NVWA Needed”

“More Ministries with Capabilities and NVWA Needed”

More capacity is needed in ministries and the NVWA to facilitate the export of flowers, vegetables, fruits, perennials and tree nursery products to countries outside the European Union. This is said Henk Westerhof, president of Plantnet International, the new umbrella organization for Dutch horticultural and agricultural organizations.

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These organizations are not always happy with how the government represents them in international trade missions. In order to be able to put the proverbial grip of €30 billion worth of exports on the table, they have united into the new comprehensive organization Plantnet International. President Henk Westerhoff argues for more capacity in government.

The new umbrella focuses exclusively on questions of international trade and sales-oriented issues and is the cross-sectoral partner for NVWA and Ministries.

complex files

Companies within the EU have no problem with sales, but if you exit the EU, you have to deal with individual countries’ rules regarding plant health and your inspection rules. We are constantly working on this which need government support. For those good agreements with third countries like Russia, China and the United States, more capacity needs to be created in NVWA and ministries, Westerhof says. “There are a lot of complicated files.”

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