Mo S01E01-02: A brilliant Palestinian in Houston

Mo S01E01-02: A brilliant Palestinian in Houston

Comedian Mohamed Amer already had a regular role in archerHulu, in which comedian Ramy Youssef plays the son of Egyptian parents trying to make a living in New Jersey. mo (Aamir plays the title character) It’s more or less the same in a positive sense. Amer plays a Palestinian who spends his days in a cellphone repair shop until he is fired. Mo cannot obtain a work permit; His asylum application is still ongoing, already 22 years old. So the shrewd prankster decided to sell fake things again from the back of his car – this is how he sells a pair of shoes and a bag to an unsuspecting passerby.

Aamir is reflected in mo on its origin. In the 1990s he fled with his family from Kuwait – where his Palestinian father works – to the United States. It was there that the Amirs in Houston built a new life. Texas is also the scene of action in this new comedy series, clearly inspired by Louie (2010-), by Louis C.K. mo Such a title, it’s almost a realistic social sequence of intelligence slices of lifeBut from a Palestinian perspective. So we see how Mo always carries a bottle of olive oil with him for dipping bread, and he argues with his Mexican-American girlfriend about whether to become a Muslim again: will she wear a hijab? number. Leave the pork? Probably?

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When Mo asked her if she would at least take care of her breast cleavage, he received a slap in the face. He laughs so well (Aamir’s laugh sometimes reminds him of Seth Rogen). Just like discussions about humus – Americans don’t really know what it should taste like. But Mo is also undoubtedly American. The bosom of his friend is a black American talking to him about pop culture. It’s amazing how Amer, who wrote the series with Youssef, always manages to find the balance between the original and the future. Refreshing, you will do mo Effort to describe.

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