MLS overtakes Eredivisie in TV revenue with massive $1 billion deal with Apple

MLS overtakes Eredivisie in TV revenue with massive $1 billion deal with Apple

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 9:25 pm• Wessel Antes • Last Update: 21:31

Major League Soccer and Apple team up on groundbreaking mega deal. Major League Soccer sees revenue from TV money more than double since 2023. In doing so, Americans pass the Eredivisie award in terms of television income. It is the first time that Apple TV has invested money in the rights to broadcast live sports.

MLS and Apple signed a contract that is valid for ten years. In total, this will bring football clubs about 2.4 billion euros. Currently, MLS collects almost as much television money as the Eredivisie: about one hundred million euros per season. This is an interesting deal for Apple to compete with other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.

MLS followers can now watch the competition from one channel all over the world. Matches are no longer sold by country or region, and therefore no longer dependent on location. Apple sees this as a good time to invest in competition as the company anticipates increased interest in American soccer around the World Cup in 2026. More and more major European players are turning to the competition. With Lorenzo Insigne and Giorgio Chiellini, two Italian tourist attractions came to the States this summer.

Eddie Keogh, Apple’s senior vice president of services, is pleased with the transaction. “It is a dream come true for MLS fans, football fans and anyone who loves the sport. No one is left out because of where they live. Soon MLS will belong to everyone. Simply sign up with us to be able to watch MLS wherever and whenever you want. We can’t wait to make it easy for you. More people are following Major League Soccer and their favorite club and players.”

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