Mississauga calls for a ban on large box stores selling non-essential items

Mississauga calls for a ban on large box stores selling non-essential items

The city of Mississauga is fighting for small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat amid a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie said she will put out a proposal Thursday asking the Chief Medical Officer of the Peel District to stop large box stores from selling nonessential items.

It says the movement will help protect the health and safety of the population, but it will also act as a level playing field for small business owners.

“I know many of our small retailers barely cling to. They have been asked to close personal shopping at the most embarrassing time of the year due to their bottom line. It’s simply not fair that big box stores can continue selling nonessential items while he can’t.” Young retailers do this.

This means that stores like Costco and Walmart will have to isolate areas that they consider “unnecessary”.

A similar measure is already underway in Manitoba.

The Gap announced the closure of its stores – in addition to its Old Navy and Banana Republic subsidiary sites – in Toronto and Bell as of Thursday.

The stores were open for business on Wednesday despite being under regional shutdown but the company tells 680NEWS, all locations will now be closed.

This comes after another popular retailer, Hudson Bay, I decided to keep Queen Street open on Monday Although Toronto and Bell are closed.

The company said that while pavement transportation is offered at some of its locations, it considers Queen Street an essential service because it “delivers groceries”.

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