Millionaire Engelhorn’s daughter wants her fortune to be taxed

Millionaire Engelhorn's daughter wants her fortune to be taxed

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The 29-year-old daughter of millionaire Marilyn Engelhorn is the face of a group of over fifty young German-speaking heirs who want their fortunes to be divided more fairly. Their Tax Me Now working group is demanding higher taxes for the rich.

Engelhorn was furious when she learned how much money she was going to inherit. You think it’s not worth the money. “I’m from the right family. What an achievement,” she told Buitenhof on Sunday. She doesn’t like the fact that the tax on labor is much higher than that on wealth. The workers still at least get something for their money. You can’t say that about rich heirs.

The 29-year-old, who expects to make tens of millions, doesn’t think it’s fair that the rich don’t now have to pay taxes thanks to all sorts of scams. “No one can avoid paying taxes unless you are very wealthy.”

She does not like charitable work, like the work of Bill Gates. After all, if the money goes to the government, everyone can participate in the decision-making process about how the money is spent. “The essence is that the government is democratic. Everyone has a voice.”

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