Milestone: Planning request submitted for the giant London theme park

Milestone: Planning request submitted for the giant London theme park

Will The London Resort really be built? More than eight years after the ambitious project was presented, the initiators have finally submitted a building permit. This achievement is close to the actual achievement of a gigantic amusement park.

The London resort was announced in the fall of 2012. The amusement park restaurant in Kent, England near London should become a formidable competitor to Disneyland Paris. Attractions include collaboration with the movie company Paramount Pictures.

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The planning app, consisting of more than 25,000 pages of reports, assessments, and analyzes, describes how a former industrial area can be transformed into one of the world’s largest tourist attractions. More than a dozen different rollercoasters can be seen in the new design.

“The London Resort is expected to become one of the UK’s largest single site employers.”, Stated in a press release. “The destination is expected to contribute significantly to the UK economy.”

By 2038, the resort should have employed 48,000 people, directly and indirectly. In planned opening in 2024, it is expected to require 8,700 employees. The building needs more than 6000 people. Moreover, the management pays a lot of attention to sustainability.

Fully reviewed
“This will be much more than an amusement park.”Promises of director Pierre Yves Gerbo. “I have been involved in the project for a year and a half and it has been going well since then. We have completely revised the plan again.”

Planning permission has been requested for two theme parks, a water park, a conference and conference center, a hotel with approximately 3,500 rooms and two ferry terminals. The park is located on the English River Thames. Crucially, the vast majority of building materials are supplied by river.

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