New defeat for Trump’s allies due to election results | abroad

New defeat for Trump's allies due to election results |  abroad

Supporters of President Donald Trump in the Republican Party were defeated by a federal judge in their struggle to have President-elect Joe Biden’s nomination null.

Republicans, led by Texas State Representative Louis Gomert, wanted to dictate through the courts that Vice President Mike Pence should make an effort to announce President Trump’s election victory at a special meeting in the US Congress. The judge dismissed the case.

Pence, as vice president, will chair the special session of the US Congress on January 6 to count the Electoral College votes. There it will prove that Biden has won the election. Approval of the outcome is usually a formality, but if complaints are filed, according to US media, it could lead to hours of debate that also requires a vote.

The judge ruled that Gomart and the other petitioners had no valid basis for canceling Biden’s election. Pence himself had also asked the judge to dismiss the case last Thursday, as it should not be filed with him.

Several Republicans have already announced that they will oppose the congressional meeting and protest the outcome. The incumbent President Donald Trump has yet to admit his defeat and insists that there has been fraud. Attempts to prove this in court have so far failed.

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